Crop Cover

Agrimol fabrics are used for crop cover, frost protection, landscape fabric, green house shading, mulching, hobby gardening, insect protection, root bag, weed control, seed blanket, capillary matting.

Multiplex™ wide width crop covers up to 16 m edge reinforced and edge printed fabrics are available.

 Greenhouse Shading

Properties of Agrimol
- Transmits the sunlight
- Preserves heat in soil
- Air permeable
- Hydrophobic & Hydrophillic grades available
- Flexible and durable
- Resistant to U/V light
- Prevents dripping
- Because of it's light weight it can be easily be laid and folded.
- Reduces workmanship cost due to easy application

Multiplex Crop Covers up to 16m. width


Mulching / Landscape


 Illustrated properties of Agrimol