Superior absorption & liquid retention

 • Greater capacity to absorb and hold liquid than any other cellulosic fiber

• Helps maintain even liquid distribution throughout product

Cotton cleans up more dirt

• Both wet and dry wipes with cotton demonstrate superior cleaning ability

• Cotton’s cellular structure traps dirt better than smooth fibers

Biodegradable in landfill and compost pile

• >90% decomposition in 4 weeks in aerobic, anerobic and compost conditions

Safe for all skin types

• Naturally hypoallergenic

Strong: Won’t tear when pulled from a package

• Higher wet strength than dry  


80% + are aware of the Seal of Cotton


88% say the Seal of Cotton helps them identify products that contain cotton


70% of consumers agree that better quality products are made from natural fibers like cotton


Will buy generic or store brands as opposed to national brands if product delivers quality results at a lower price

When asked to rank brand versus material, consumers chose unknown wipe brand using cotton over a trusted brand using unknown materials


77% of consumers prefer their personal care product to be made from cotton


66% say the Seal of Cotton is likely to influence their baby wipe purchase decision


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