EKREM KAYALI - PRESIDENT ( ekayali@mogulsb.com )
Mr. Kayali is the president of company. Mr. Kayali was born in Gaziantep in 1955. He has a BA Degree in business management.

In his business career he was involved in the building industry and engine valve production before. He is also The owner of Car dealenship. Mr Kayali is a member of prestigious, Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD).

Ms. Kayali has earned her degree in international finance and joined The company in 2005, After her graduation. Ms.Kayali is responsible for production coordination and domestic sales.

SERKAN GOGUS - CEO ( sgogus@mogulsb.com )
Mr.Gogus is CEO of The company and responsible for sales, procurement, import-export, marketing activities of The company. He was born in Gaziantep in The 1969. He has a BSc Degree in textile engineering and MBA.His previous career was in the textile industry. He has been with Mogul since the beginning of the operations.Mr. Gogus has served as an Edana Board member in the years 2008-2011

ERSIN KOSKER - PROJECT MANAGER ( ekosker@mogulsb.com )
Mr. Kosker is a Project Manager and is responsible for production, purchasing,material planning and all new project investment in the company. He holds a BSC degree in mechanical engineering. He has worked for Mogul since July of 1999