In medical sector for single use; nonwoven fabrics have filtration properties which creates a bacterial barrier.

As a consequence, the danger of infection and microbial attack is reduced. This single use nonwovens are safe, clean, low cost and has anti pilling properties

Mogul Meltblown Fabrics can also be used for surgical face mask filters.

Mogul fabrics are used for face masks, gowns, patient under pads, hospital bed linen etc.

Mogul also supplies, SM, SMS type  fabrics for various medical applications.

Mogul fabrics, SM SMS, have excellent barrier properties coupled with adequate breathability to maintain personnel comfort. This is due to careful balance of liquid impervious barrier with adequate moisture vapor transmission characteristics.

These composite structures provide excellent abrasion resistance and lint free properties besides, effective barrier properties to many liquids including blood, other body fluids and water etc.

Another application for Mogul SMS fabrics are sterilization wraps (CSR wrap). This sheet material is used to wrap instruments, medical appliances and other materials prior to strelization to protect them from dust, dirt and bacterial contamination.