Mogul Sorbents are designed to absorb all types of fluids.Spare from oil only sorbents which repel water and absorb oil and hydrocarbon based fluids, to a full range of universal absorbents which absorb all types of fluids, from water and oil, to chemicals and acids. They are ideal for any size oil spill or in-plant application. Mogul Sorbents are available in avaniety of pads and rolls.

They are available in different weights, widths and roll sizes. Mogul Sorbents are available with perforations to provide precisely the right amount of material for the job. Mogul sorbents are incinerable and leave less than 0.02% of ash.

Socks, Booms and Pillows : ULTRASORB

Ultrasorb BM booms are designed for absorption containment and efficient clean up of oil spills and disposal. Ultrasorb BM booms are available in variety of styles and sizes to absorb spills on land or on water.

Ultrasorb SC socks and Ultrasorb PS pillows are available in variety of sizes and styles for use with oil and water based fluids, chemical and hazardous fluids both in plants and on land.

Mogul Sorbents can absorb up to 15 times of its own weight. The standard range is available either in oil only and universal sold underThe hi-sorb brand. Standard meltblown can be sonic bonded to provide more strength and durability with an affordable cost under hi-sorb plus brand.

Fine Fiber pads and rolls are made up of three layers, a thick absorbent on the inside, sandwiched with a top and bottom fine fiber. They are ultrasonically welded together and are smooth and lint free. The dimpled surfaces provide quick wicking and will not stick to concrete surfaces. These are marketed under Ultrabond brand.

Yellow universal sorbents are designed for aggressive fluids such as inorganic water, soluble chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, toxic luguids, etc. They are Dimpled, and bright in color,These for easy identification sorbents are durable and easy to distinguish from other types of sorbents.

The bright yellow color distinguishes the sorbent as one used to absorb dangerous fluids.

Antistatic sorbents are used when flammable liquid or vapors may be present. Mogul treats the polypropylene with a topical solution to dissipate a potential static build up. They are ideal in confined spaces with limited to no ventilation,as well as arctic and desert climates.

Camouflage Mogul's camouflage printed heavy duty sorbents are available under Ultra-Cam brand for using as military or industrial applications as walk over mats