Our wipes are for use anywhere heavy-duty cleaning is required. They are made of durable, dual-textured material. The scrubbing side 
removes the toughest soils, while the smooth side quickly absorbs the soil. The smooth side can be made either from Spunbond or 
Meltblown Polypropylene as per request. A variety of colors are available.

This abrasive wipe is used anywhere heavy cleaning and scrubbing is required, including maintenance shops, manufacturing and 
institutional cleaning.



Q-Wick wipes are a specially embossed meltblown wipe which provides an abrasive, low lint properties, as well as improved wicking and fluid control distribution.

Q-Wick is a range of high performance polypropylene absorbent wipes for use in the automotive, furniture finishing, engine assembly / repair,electronic (lcd panel assembly), appliance assembly, industrial maintenance, printing, painting,food industry,household and janitorial cleaning (incl. Glass/ window cleaning).

Q-Wick is designed to soak up all type fluids from oil, and water based fluids to mild acids. 

• Strong, absorbent, lofty, and low linting which are essential properties for wipes
• Choice of a wide range of colors; such as white, blue, green, yellow, pink, or gray. 
• Can absorb up to 6-9 times of it’s own weight for water and up to 10-12 times it’s weight for oil based fluids 
• The oleophilic and hydrophilic properties make it suitable for fuel, cutting oil, paint, brake fluid, lubricants, grease, inks, solvents and more.
• Will not smear surfaces and leaves stainless steel and tiles streak free.




Asterion pulp added meltblown fabrics is a new development from Mogul targeting mainly baby wipes and feminine hygiene.

A perfect combination of pulp and polyropylene provides high absorption, strong tensile, softness properties. A combination  Of an extra spunbond layer provides additional strength and abrasion resistance.